Supervised Visitation

Supervisors Who Care*

 *Supervisors Who Care is one of the Nannies Who Care family of companies which has been doing business and building your trust since 1989.  We are happy to offer this service as an affiliated partner of Nannies Who Care.

As Florida Courts always act in the best interest of the children, sometimes for issues of protection, a Court may require a third party to be present while a parent visits with their child/children. This is referred to as “Supervised Visitation”.

Supervisors Who Care provides experienced Supervisors to oversee the visitation of a parent that has requested or has been court ordered to have Supervised Visitation. The Supervisor shall be in close proximity of the child/children at all times during the scheduled visitation. A copy of the Court Order is required to be provided to Supervisors Who Care at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled visitation time.

The visitation may take place in a location ordered by the Court, or if no location requirements are ordered, then the parent making the request shall specify the location. This may be in their home, at a park, restaurant, etc. The person requesting the Supervisor is required to pay all fees 24 hours in advance of the time of arrival of the Supervisor. A four hour minimum is required and no refunds are given if cancelled within 48 hours. Failure of either parent to arrive at the designated time will result in a cancellation without refund.

*Please note new Supervisory clients must submit all proper documentation and be approved prior to scheduling a visit. Approval time takes approximately two weeks from the date our Intake Form is completed and received.  Once approved, a minimum of one week’s notice is recommended for all visitation requests.

We are authorized to provide Supervised Visitation Services in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Orange, Seminole, & Osceola Counties.

If you are a registered and approved family needing to book a visit, please download the Nannies Who Care App on any app store and log in with your email. For new families needing intake or wishing to book supervised visitation services, please click the schedule now button below.

What does the Supervisor Charge?

Supervisors are paid directly by the client at the beginning of the shift.

1 child $16/hr
2 children $17/hr
3 children $18/hr
4 children $19/hr

(There is a 4 hour min)

Holiday rates are at time and a half.

What does Supervisors Who Care charge?
Although rates are subject to change, the following are fees paid to the agency for “On Call” services. Initial $195 Intake fee; $95 per day per visit which is due at the time of booking. There is a one time, nonrefundable, Intake Fee due at the time the Intake Form is complete, and must be paid before we begin the intake process.

LAST MINUTE REQUESTS AND HOLIDAYS: Supervisors Who Care is happy to fill last-minute requests whenever possible. A Last minute request is a request that is within 24 hours of the Supervisor’s arrival. There is an additional $15 charge for last-minute requests and an additional $15 charge for holiday requests.