Hotel Sitting

Nannies Who Care proudly serves many of the major hotels and resorts throughout Tampa Bay and Central Florida. All Nannies go through the same background screening as our permanent nannies. Our hotel sitters come prepared with a tote bag of age appropriate toys to engage your children and have “fun” while you enjoy an evening or day out.

We use only nannies who have an extensive background with children.

All of our nannies have passed the following criteria:

  • Verify eligibility to work in US*
  • Complete background check*
  • Extensive criminal check (includes other states)*
  • Federal criminal check
  • Drivers record check
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search*
  • Social Security number verification*
  • Previous Address verification*
  • Extensive nanny application
  • Childcare references checked
  • Personal references checked
  • Interview with Nannies Who Care, Inc.
  • All nannies are CPR and First Aid trained

Our background check company provides a search that is second to none. With Yardstik, you get a full picture of a nanny’s criminal and federal history and background to find the right candidates with peace of mind.  Yardstik’s comprehensive background checks scan national, state, and county databases for records relating to felonies, misdemeanors, sex offender status, inmate history, and arrest information. Background screens look for relevant data by scanning: National Criminal Search, National Sex Offender Registry, OFAC, & Most Wanted Lists, SSN Trace, Global Watch List, Counties with Pointer Search Results, Current County of Residence, and 7-Year History Counties of Residence. Additional screening services include driving record checks, social media screening, drug screening, CPR Certification Verifications, and more. Manage all of your screening needs with one simple platform.

Yardstik is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association.

All parents will have peace of mind knowing that we specialize in in-home childcare. Our three decade reputation is based on this. We do not get involved in any other kind of care other than children. We spend all of our time recruiting and checking out nannies for both our permanent placement and on-call services.

These nannies are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

You may submit your request online or directly on our app! Download SitterPro and search Nannies Who Care.

Agency fee is $50 per nanny and the nannies are paid directly by you at the end of the shift at the rate of $15/hr per hour for one child and $1/hr more for each additional child. Rates may vary if groups of children are together or for twins. There is a four-hour minimum. Holiday rates are at time and a half with a four-hour minimum.  Last minute and holidays are available, but not a guarantee and an additional $15 agency fee would apply.  Cancellation fee if within 24 hours is $50. Parking charges may apply.