Kids Club Membership (preferred rates)

full service on call nanny

Kid’s Club Membership – Preferred Rates

  • All nannies have complete background and driving screening, plus CPR & First Aid certification
  • All nannies were personally interviewed by Nannies Who Care
  • Cost: one-time (lifetime) registration fee of $249 plus $30 reservation fee
  • 4 hour minimum for nanny
  • Nanny rates – see below at our rate section
  • Full service – Contact us or book directly on our app, we take care of the rest

What once was just a service to help our families when their nanny was sick or on vacation has now blossomed into much more. Since 1989, we have been listening to our families and have given them just what they asked for. Professional nannies, a background check second to none, and a nominal fee from Nannies Who Care, Inc.

Some examples for Sitting Service:

  • Going to a hockey or football game
  • Evening out to dinner or some other special event
  • Going out of town on business
  • Weekend vacation

All nannies will care for your children at your hotel or home. With your permission, the nanny can take your children to the entertainment centers, the park, swimming pool or other places by car.

We use only nannies who have an extensive background with children.
All of our nannies have passed the following criteria:

  • Verify eligibility to work in US*
  • Complete background check*
  • Extensive criminal check (includes other states)*
  • Federal criminal check
  • Drivers record check
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search*
  • Social Security number verification*
  • Previous Address verification*
  • Extensive nanny application
  • Childcare references checked
  • Personal references checked
  • Interview with Nannies Who Care, Inc.
  • All nannies are CPR and First Aid trained

All parents will have peace of mind knowing that we specialize in in-home childcare. Our reputation is based on this.

These nannies are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

With Yardstik, you get a full picture of a nanny’s criminal and federal history and background to find the right candidates with peace of mind.  Yardstik’s comprehensive background checks scan national, state, and county databases for records relating to felonies, misdemeanors, sex offender status, inmate history, and arrest information. Background screens look for relevant data by scanning: National Criminal Search, National Sex Offender Registry, OFAC, & Most Wanted Lists, SSN Trace, Global Watch List, Counties with Pointer Search Results, Current County of Residence, and 7-Year History Counties of Residence. Additional screening services include driving record checks, social media screening, drug screening, CPR Certification Verifications, and more. Manage all of your screening needs with one simple platform.

Yardstik is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association.

We know the importance of screening prospective caregivers that will be caring for your children. If you have found a Nanny outside of our agency but wish for us to complete our thorough screening process with your new Nanny, contact us. We offer Al A Carte background screenings to provide you with peace of mind.

Our nannies receive the entire amount of the hourly charge listed below and the nanny is paid directly by the client at the end of the shift. This is also the going rate of Professional nannies in this area. This is also why we attract the very best selection of nannies because they know they are compensated properly for their profession.

What does the Nanny Charge?

  • child $15/hr
  • children $16/hr
  • children $17/hr
  • children $18/hr

There is an additional charge of $2/hr more for children other than siblings. Also, twins require an additional $2/hr more. Holiday rates are at time and a half.

What does Nannies Who Care, Inc. charge?
Although rates are subject to change, the following are fees paid to the agency for “Kid’s Club” members.
$30 per day per visit which is due at the time of booking. If you would like a split shift, then the agency fee is $30 per shift.  This is a $20 savings each time you schedule an on call nanny.  Kid’s Club members also have priority for last-minute requests or for busy times such as school closings.

Nannies Who Care is happy to fill last-minute requests whenever possible. A Last minute request is a request that is within 24 hours of the nanny’s arrival. There is an additional $15 charge for last-minute requests and an additional $15 charge for holiday requests.