What is the average age of the nannies you place?

Our nannies are anywhere from 18 to as old as 70 plus. Most of our nannies seem to be between 20-30 although many are in their 50 and 60’s.

What do nannies earn?

Nannies hourly rate generally is anywhere from $13-15/hr for temporary service depending upon the number of children they care for and start at $15/hr for permanent placements. The more experience they have the more compensation they earn.

How do you find your nannies?

We find our nannies a number of ways. Since we have been in business since 1989, many of our nannies will complete an assignment we placed them with and then come back to us to find them another family to work with. These are additional ways we find nannies:

  • Our web site – nannies visit our website locally as well as all over the country.
  • Web site convenience for nannies to apply
  • Referrals – Nannies return to us for future jobs
  • Referrals – nannies referring other nannies
  • Advertisements – newspapers, parenting magazines
  • Flyers – We post nanny wanted flyers in various parts of the cities we serve.
  • Multiple Location advantage – Because we are the same company with the same ownership, we can provide opportunities to nannies state-wide
  • What this means to you is we can provide a much wider selection of nannies for you to choose from.

How long does it take to place a nanny?

Once you fill out the family application and sign our family contract we immediately begin the search. Most of the time we can begin referring nanny candidates to the family right away once the nanny is contacted and shows an interest in the position. It can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks on the average.. This includes recruitment and the background process.

Is there a fee to the nanny?

No all the nanny has to do is make the effort to be interviewed by us and fill out the nanny application and meet the required criteria.

Do you provide support after the placement?

Yes, we provide support indefinitely. You can call us before, during, and after the placement. We want you to be totally satisfied with the services we provide. Like any business, we know you can go somewhere else if you are not happy.

Why should I use Nannies Who Care over another agency?

We certainly will not say anything bad about any other agency. All we can say is what we feel are the good points. First, we have an excellent reputation and have been doing this since 1989. Much of our business is through referrals, so we must be doing something right. Secondly, we have a second to none background process of screening nannies.

  • Another reason for our success is that we charge a very reasonable fee for our services. We do not have the overhead of a franchise nanny agency and therefore can charge a lower rate. Compare the services we offer with others and see for yourself. We charge a rate that reflects the enormous amount of time and resources needed to complete a placement.
  • We offer a wide variety of full service as well as on-call nannies should you need them.
  • We attract nannies from all over the state as well as nationwide.
  • Our website is a very valuable tool for both the families and the nannies. We list our nanny jobs on the website so many nannies constantly check this list out for jobs of interest to them. It is also a way for families to get exposure to more available nannies than they could otherwise. The more experienced nannies use our agency for the same reason the familes do. It is very convenient, saves time, and safer.

Once registered with our agency, you remain a lifetime member for our on call services. If your nanny is not available one day, you can always contact us for a temporary nanny.

Do your on-call nannies have the same qualifications as your placements?

Absolutely, these nannies do the on-call for a number of reasons. Most are either part-time nannies who work with another family and wish to work extra jobs, or are nannies that just want to work with flexibility. All go through the same process for our placements including their CPR certification.

How much notice do I need to use the on-call service?

If you are a registered family with us then you could conceivably give just a few hours notice even on the weekend when we are closed. Although we request a 24 hour notice, most of the time we can fill last minute requests. There is an extra charge of $10 for last minute requests made within 24 hours of the scheduled time of nanny’s arrival and for holidays.

Steps you need to consider if you find a nanny on your own?

If you did not use Nannies Who Care, inc. to find a nanny, then you would have to typically follow the steps below. Sometimes you may find a nanny through a referral but still would not know much about the applicant without thoroughly checking the applicant’s references and completing the applicant’s background check. If you did not know anybody then consider the following scenarios. If you find a referral, then your costs would be everything below except for the advertising costs. But if the referral does not work out then you are back to square one.

  1. Interview – Once you are satisfied with the phone interview, then you will need to invite the candidate to your home to meet with you and your children. Once again you don’t know who this person is and will rule out many because of personalities and possible errors in the application (dates of employment, reason for leaving, etc.).
  2. Selecting a candidate: If you feel comfortable with a candidate then you will start the background process which should include a Florida criminal state wide check and also a Florida drivers license check. If the nanny has lived in Florida less than 7 years then you should check their previous state(s) for criminal(state-wide) as well. Next you will want to contact all of the candidate’s references. Since you are probably going to call these families or businesses who employed these candidates then you may get some resistance to fully disclosing their background. Many families and especially businesses will not give out any detailed comments about a previous employee if they are not a business such as Nannies Who Care. While you are doing this background check, there is no guarantee that the references will check out and you will have to incur the same cost all over again for the next candidate of your choice. Also there is no guarantee that the nanny will hang around long enough before all of the references come back. The candidate may find another position that she/he likes better while this process goes on.
  3. Guarantee?? There is no guarantee that it will work out. If it does not then you will have to either look at any candidates you have previously interviewed and hope that they are still available or you will have to advertise again and incur the cost all over again. Nannies Who Care guarantees all nannies will work out depending on what area you live in, up to 4 months. We have a constant flow of candidates so we can act fast to get you a nanny should it not work out with the first one.

Other considerations: What happens if your nanny is sick, on vacation, or is not available when you need he/she? Nannies Who Care provides nannies available on-call when you become a client. THere are many costs associated with finding a nanny on your own. This does not include the many hours of your time for this process. This also assumes you will be successful with the first nanny you choose, otherwise these estimates will be doubled. There are also costs associated with getting the criminal, drivers, and social security checks, and verifying employment and personal references… We strongly recommend you thoroughly check out each nanny candidate.

How Nannies Who Care does it!

The most popular question we receive from families who call us about our services is how we go about finding a nanny and what kind of background check we do. In other words, you want to have peace of mind when selecting your nanny. Well the following is the process we use to put you at ease.

  1. Recruitment of Nannies: Referrals from other nannies. Many of these nannies have used us again after their previous position was finished. Nannies know how supportive we are in following their career and advising them. Our Web site – We make available job listings and online applications for convenience. We attract nannies to our web site inquiring about positions. Yellow pages – We attract many nannies from our yellow page ad knowing we can offer them more choices. Advertisements – Nannies not only see our direct employment ads, but also see our advertising in various publications. We do spend a lot of funds and resources to attract nannies from all over the country.
  2. Initial Telephone contact: We accept on average only about 25% of all nanny applicants based on our telephone interview. This interview has about 20 questions and it is the time to evaluate how much the nanny applicant truly wants to be a nanny.
  3. Nanny Application: Once the nanny passes step 2, we have the nanny fill out an extensive nanny application that not only outlines her credentials, but tells us exactly what she/he is looking for in a family position. We accept different levels of childcare experience. Nannies with extensive childcare experience receive more compensation. The family receives this nanny application before the nanny interviews with them for a position.
  4. Nanny In-person interview (not just a phone interview) Upon acceptance of the nanny application, we then arrange for an in-person interview with the nanny. Doing this over the phone is not a very good way of evaluating a nanny so we make this a requirement with the nanny unless the nanny is a live in situation and out of state. We make photo copies of the nannies social security card, drivers license, CPR certification card and any other credentials she may have including personal reference letters from families. Nanny signs the I-9 form (legal status to work in US). Interview questions designed around why the nanny applicant wants to work as a nanny. Appearance of nanny. How does the nanny candidate present themselves.
  5. Background Process Written questionnaire sent to all childcare and general employment references as well as personal character references. The previous family will describe if the nannies traits are as follows: Responsible/Irresponsible, Punctual/Tardy, Good/Bad attitude, Trustworthy/Not loyal, Friendly/Unfriendly, Cheerful/Moody, Conscientious/Careless They mail this questionnaire back to us for your review. Criminal check – We check all states where the nanny candidate has lived for the past 7 years. Drivers license check Social Security number verification CPR certification – Nanny must have current infant & child certification. We can also provide other services at the family’s expense for the following: Credit report, Education verification, Drug testing, First Aid certification
  6. Family Process Family fills out extensive application. This is used to find the best suitable nanny for what the family is looking for. Family is contacted by phone to discuss nanny candidates. If family is interested, then we will send the nanny(s) application for further review. Nanny interviews are then setup. Family saves a lot of time due to us narrowing the decision to a simple personality choice.
  7. Nanny Hired: Once you hire a nanny we will provide ongoing support for you. We can help you with questions you may have about your nanny or any other issues you wish to discuss. We also provide a guarantee for your nanny. We provide the family with a Family/Nanny Agreement for both parties to sign that outlines the job description, duties, salary, etc.

We provide on-call nannies in case your nanny is sick or on vacation. Payroll Questions – We will be happy to refer you to an excellent service.

Don’t be misled! The truth about licensed and bonded. What do other nanny agencies really mean by licensed and bonded? Licensed? – Florida does not have a license for nanny agencies, so their license is either an occupational license or it is for another reason such as for elderly companions or other services. Bonded? – I bet you are thinking the nannies are bonded, but they are not. These nanny agencies bond themselves giving you the impression that the nannies are bonded. Because nannies are not employees of the nanny agencies, they can only be bonded by the family. This is usually an extra $100 in cost per year. Our extensive background check will insure the integrity of the nanny.

What do nannies do?

  • Babysitter – provides temporary care for children on a irregular basis, either full or part-time. Provides a safe environment while the parents are away with the same background check as our permanent nannies.
  • Au Pair – May be either foreign or American. If European, live here up to a year to experience American life. May not have childcare experience. In either case, they usually work under supervision or direction of the parent.
  • Nanny – employed to work either full or part-time either as live-in or live-out. Tasks of a nanny are usually centered around childcare. Examples of what a typical nanny does are related to the children are: cooking, laundry, errands and picking up after the children. Nannies will also pick or drop off your children for school, or sports events. Many times they also clean up the sink area and empty the dishwasher or other light chores if they have the time. Sometimes nannies will also do extra light household chores for a slight increase in pay. Nannies sometimes have formal training and all have solid experience. Nannies work unsupervised.
  • Governess – usually an highly educated person for school age children. They can offer to teach children and are not normally concerned with domestic work or younger children
  • Newborn Care Specialist – Has a high level of experience working with newborns and helping parents when their infant comes home from the hospital including overnight care and support during the first few months of the child’s life.

Are taxes required to be taken out by the family?

Yes, the IRS requires at least Fica(social security and medicare taxes) to be taken out of the nannies paycheck. We refer out to recommended tax and payroll companies on our Resources Link Page.